1. The U

From the recording Love Is Hope

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The U Word/Music: Janet Whiteway

You promised me a garden
That never grew
You led me to a love like I never know

And the wind blew through my
Empty soul, then a desperate call
My back's against the wall

You showed me to a light
It was so bright
You said that we would reach
The highest height

Life will alter so finally
When you find, the U

A cascade of memories
And it's falling all over my head
like a rocky, rolling river
Streaming every word I said

It's only you, it's only you
'Till my life is through
It's only you, darling
And I know this love is true

When you came into my life
This long night ended
now there's so much more I can do
To make it up to you
You, you, you you, you, you, ah you