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Did you know that the video for Pure Sunshine was filmed on Esson Lake in Bancroft on a sunny and very cold day, about -20 if I recall. The song was also written about a week I spent with friends at a cottage near Tory Hill. I think it's quintessentially Canadian to have a song about sunshine focus on winter. At the end of the video that's me trying very hard to open a bottle of bubbly in the freezing cold!

Please join us this Thursday June 25th, for Live From Our Porch To You! Coe Hill Girls will Rock your world! 6pm:



I hope you'll tune in this Thursday at 7:30pm , I will be a featured songwriter in the inaugural live show of this series. Produced by Elana Harte and Joanna Swan, this 10 week series features some of Canada's top songwriters. Here is the link for tickets, thank you for supporting your local musical heroes, and for your ongoing love of live music! xo

We Will Get Through this Together!

Tryin' Times

I wish you all peace and safety in the days ahead, let's do this together by staying inside as much as possible to keep our frontline workers safe  and to save our health systems resources for those who will need them the most.

Please stay tuned for live solo performances and for some virtual ensemble work, we are learning new technology so that we can continue to entertain you during this stay-at-home time.