1. I've Given In

From the recording Love Is Hope

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I've Given In Words/Music: Janet D. Whiteway

Was it a blue day? I don't know.
Was there a warm breeze in the sky?
I just can't recall
Can't remember anything at all but your eyes.

Was it a Monday? It might have been.
Was there a singer singing lullaby's?
Well, I don't know baby, I just remember your sighs.

Sunday morning or Tuesday afternoon.
What does it matter when you're in love?
Summer, winter, spring or fall.
I don't care, long as it's my name you call.

Was I nervous, well maybe just a bit?
Was I dreaming of your sweet lips?
Oh, one thing I'm sure of, I remember your kiss.

I'll never let you out of my heart
And darling if we should ever part.
I'll never fall in love again.
Because this time
I've completely given in.