1. Bus Driver

From the recording Love Is Hope

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Bus Driver Words/Music:Janet D Whiteway

Bus driver said that’s 10 cents more, every time I ride well they’re raising the rate
I got no change and he’s pointing at the door
Got a date, can’t be late

Bus driver, please have mercy on my hide
Cause my baby don’t understand ‘bout my absent mind
If I show up past a quarter to 3 she gonna’ hang me out and set me free
Bus driver, please have mercy on me
Well the big man said come on get on board
I can’t stand to see someone so forlorn, but when I
Got inside I could really tell the way people are starring, I must look like hell

Bus driver could you please lend me your comb
Cause I ain’t got time to go runnin’ a way back home
If I show up and don’t look my best
She’s gonna’ walk away with all my happiness
Bus driver, please help me clean up this mess

By this time everyone had seen my plight
I had new shoes a shirt and a coat of white
My hair was slick and my style was cool and then a panic hit me
I’m such a fool

Bus driver you got ‘ta turn this rig around
Cause I missed my stop way back in China Town
After all we been through well I’m beggin’ you please
My baby will be waiting and I’m down on my knees
Bus driver you got ‘ta turn this rig around
Bus driver please turn this rig around