1. Fragile

From the recording Love Is Hope

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Fragile Words/Music: Janet D. Whiteway

Her body feels the pain; these eyes don’t see the same
Are you dreaming?
Is there a place for me where I don’t think constantly,
Are you needing?

Moonlight on this field of gold, cradled in her hands
Starlight on this sleepy bay, can we understand?

That we are all so fragile now
Reckless plans, fracked up lands, in the name of the free
Are we all too fearful now? So much damage done
The dark rain falls, stilted marks upon the stony ground

This dream is all too clear; we struggle to contain our tears
We are bleeding
My heart’s emotions drained, but your design will ease the pain
This is healing

Pain in your eyes like light in my window
Will shine upon this emptiness inside
Passion for life is all that we long (live) for
And all that we can hope for tonight

Love is Hope