Things are movin' on UP!!!!

I'd like to start off by saying that I'm so pleased and honoured to have connected with the folks @ 120 Diner in Toronto. What an AMAZING venue! Stellar staff and the kitchen prepares some of the city's BEST EATS. The best part? I've been offered a monthly residency! I'll be performing there with Aimee O'Connor and Jean Deeth. In June, guests Carrie Chesnutt and Cathy Marchese will be joining us. 

It's so amazing being a part of Toronto's thriving music scene and with spring/summer down the road, F-U-N is simply a guarantee. Thanks to all of you once again for your ongoing support, commitment and LOVE. Seeing you at my gigs gives me the warmest feeling and I'm forever thankful. 

Here's a quick 'at a glance' list of my upcoming performances (you can always go to the shows page to see the list as well to see where I'll be):
  • March 17th @ 120 Diner 6-8pm
  • April 21st @ 120 Diner 6-8pm
  • April 30 @ Eton House w/GRACE
  • May 10th @ Relish
  • May 19th @ 120 Diner
  • June 30th @ 120 Diner 11pm-2am 
I'm currently in songwriting mode and can't wait to share my new material with you.

Peace to all of you and please check in often. If you haven't already, subscribe to my mailing list to get news & updates delivered right to your inbox! 

Janet x 

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