Ready to Rock! What's Up in 2018?

A brand new year and still lots of love and hope to go around! 

Thanks to everyone who came out to the CD release gig at the Cadillac Lounge, you packed the house and the band really felt the love. My heart felt thanks to Jean Deeth, Aimee O'Connor, Ilios Steryannis, Carrie Chesnutt and Kim Jarrett for being an awesome band and a great bunch of people. Thanks also for buying/downloading the new recording, if you don't have it yet, you can get it right here on my site, just click the "Music" tab.

What's up next?  Bless Your Purple Heart! We'll be playing the Linsmore Tavern for the first time on Saturday Feb.17th, hope you can get out and support our intimate and powerful tribute to the one and only Prince. Click here for the facebook event:

Ricochet and Grace both have gigs coming up at The Duke.  Ricochet will pump it up with all the 80's you can handle on Friday March 16 and Grace will be turning green on St. Paddy's Day Saturday March 17.

Keep this date in your back pocket, Saturday April 28th, I'll be playing tunes from the new album and some cool covers at Carrigan Arms in Burlington with Aimee O'Connor and Jean Deeth.

There are lots of gigs in the works, click the "Shows" tab for more details.

Thanks for supporting local musicians and for your love of music, it makes it all worth while!

Love IS Hope!

Janet xo


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