NEW Shows And NEW Material, Summer's Not Over YET!

Hey folks, 

How have you all been? I've been enjoying a summer filled with friends, FUN and a plethora of great gigs from the Beaches Jazz Fest with GRACE to performing in Coe Hill at the fabulous Hideaway with Coe Hill Girls. There's still so much more to come, AND I've been feverishly working on NEW MATERIAL that I can't wait to share with you. Basically, the pic you see below has been my office for the last while and I've never felt more inspired to write...

  • I'll be joining Toronto's force of nature, Stiletto Flats @ Linsmore Tavern in Toronto September 3rd for 'I Will Be King: Paying Tribute To The Genius of David Bowie'. For more info., please click HERE
  • GRACE funks things up yet again at Eton House Sept. 17th.
  • Coe Hill Girls will provide an evening of great music (we'll be showcasing a ton of original stuff as well) at Relish Bar & Grill Sept. 22nd.
Hopefully you can make it out to one or ALL of the shows, can't wait to see you.


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