Patreon, what is it?

What do I have in common with Mozart? I need a patron, and here's how you can help. I'll be launching my Patreon page on March 20th. What is Patreon, well it provides an amazing opportunity for artists to get some financial help from people who want to support the arts at a grass-roots level. You can become a patron of an artist, like me, and make a monthly gift of as little as $1. I will, in return, have more free time to create my music and work on the projects that need a concentrated effort. You will receive access to Patron only content like free downloads,  behind the scenes videos, guaranteed show tickets and, most of all, you will know that you are helping a local artist to maintain some semblance of artistic integrity by lightening our financial load.

Take a look at Patreon, here's the link::

As always, thank you for your unending support, it means everything! xo

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