1. Crossover

From the recording Pure Sunshine

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Freedom is this lonely river
Flows past the rich and the poor
No one will ever hold back that raging
No one will ever calm her storm
Those who bathe in her waters
Never ever gonna’ know her name
‘Cause you can’t know joy, you can’t know joy and wonder
If you never ever felt the pain
When we all crossover,
I will meet you on the other side
I won’t need your forgiveness, no I won’t
My sorrows justified
It’s the autumn of our lives and we’re doing the best that we can
You know I’m sorry for some of the things I’ve done
But I can’t change I can’t change what’s been and gone
But don’t mistake my passion for sin
“Cause you know I’d probably do it all again
Endless abyss, but for this, spark of light
And we are safe from the night
Saved for each other
Sisters and brothers