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Janet Whiteway

Mon. Nov. 26 , Old Nick, Toronto

Revolution Mondays at the Nick! I'll do a set at 9pm, after hosts "Fat Head Hazel" (7:30). I'll be joined by drummer Karl Anderson, Jean Deeth on Bass and Aimee O'Connor on Guitar. That can only mean one thing, Elton Jan tunes!! Support Live Music, It's Really Fun!

7:30pm start, 123 Danforth Ave., Toronto

Janet Whiteway

Thurs. Nov. 29, Basso

I'll be playing a solo show at the wonderful Basso. Original tunes and my favourite covers. Try their amazing pizza, from their wood-burning pizza oven, really delicious!

8pm start .  324 Queen St. E., Toronto.


Love Is Hope 

Love is Hope...that's the name of the new recording project I'm working on. And boy, if there was ever a time for love and hope, it's right now!
We're aiming for a launch of some material in June of 2017, but we'll be previewing the songs at house concerts and gigs as we get the arrangements down.
If you're interested in hosting a fundraising house concert, and you have room for at least 20 people, let me know. It's a great way to entertain your friends and support a local artist at the same time!

I've had the pleasure and great opportunity to work on 2 tribute projects this year, Prince and Bowie. It's been so rewarding learning this great material and really picking it apart. Mike Garson is one of my favourite piano players ( along with Steve Nieve, Rick Wakeman, Keith Emerson and Elton John) and getting to play those lines is exciting and challenging. Arranging the Prince tunes has been humbling, and takes a lot of effort and concentration, but the rewards are great, especially getting to work with singers like  AshÉ and Suzanne Nuttall. Here is some news about those projects:

Bless Your Purple Heart (A Tribute to Prince) was a real success at the Rivoli and we're talking about perhaps bringing it to Montreal and maybe other cities in the new year. Stay tuned for more info.

I Will Be King (A Tribute to David Bowie) is gearing up for 3 shows, one this month at Drums n Flats (Nov. 25th) and 2 shows in the new year at The Linsmore. Check out the show listings on my site for more information.

Thanks everyone for your unending and beautiful support, we'll look forward to seeing some of you at the shows I have planned in the next couple of months, and we're excited to be in pre-production with the new tunes.

I know we are facing frightening and uncertain times, so now, more than ever, we have to find the strength to stand up against hatred and prejudice and refuse to let fear diminish our lives. Live with dignity and respect, and speak out against bigotry, ignorance and brutality...

Love IS Hope!

Peace to you all


NEW Shows And NEW Material, Summer's Not Over YET!  

Hey folks, 

How have you all been? I've been enjoying a summer filled with friends, FUN and a plethora of great gigs from the Beaches Jazz Fest with GRACE to performing in Coe Hill at the fabulous Hideaway with Coe Hill Girls. There's still so much more to come, AND I've been feverishly working on NEW MATERIAL that I can't wait to share with you. Basically, the pic you see below has been my office for the last while and I've never felt more inspired to write...

  • I'll be joining Toronto's force of nature, Stiletto Flats @ Linsmore Tavern in Toronto September 3rd for 'I Will Be King: Paying Tribute To The Genius of David Bowie'. For more info., please click HERE
  • GRACE funks things up yet again at Eton House Sept. 17th.
  • Coe Hill Girls will provide an evening of great music (we'll be showcasing a ton of original stuff as well) at Relish Bar & Grill Sept. 22nd.
Hopefully you can make it out to one or ALL of the shows, can't wait to see you.


Summer is FULL ON! More Shows To Talk About... 

Hello friends! 

June was a blast, July will be even BETTER! The 'Bless Your Purple Heart' crew (with Suzanne Nuttall & Ashley Bea) blew the minds of those who attended the show @ 120 Diner June 19th. It was magical, beautiful and emotional all wrapped in one. We'll definitely have more shows down the road...more on that to come. 

July is shaping up to be ONE BIG HOT ONE! Here's a list of where I'll be performing and always know that you can check out the shows page to see a complete list of upcoming gigs. 
  • GRACE July 6th | Headlining the Collingwood Jazz & Blues Festival @ The Station | 6-8pm
  • - Janet Whiteway @ Amico's Pizza in Toronto | 9:30-11pm
  • GRACE July 21-23 | International Jazz Beaches Festival in Toronto 
  • - ***NEWLY ADDED July 30th, The Hideaway in Coe Hill with the Coe Hill girls. 
  • - ***NEWLY ADDED August 12th, The Hideaway in Coe Hill with the Coe Hill girls. 
Happy SUMMER! 


Summer FUN And A Bunch Of Exciting Shows To Talk About For June! 

Hey Everyone! 

June's going to be a month of FUN with incredible shows that I need to talk about! First off, THANKS to all of you for your ongoing support. The month of May was beautiful and I'm really looking forward to what's ahead for June.

Kicking things off will be soulicious female funk band GRACE, at the Eton Hour Saturday, June 11th. The HEAT will be turned UP on this one so be sure to get those dancing shoes buffed and ready to go! For more info., please click HERE.

I'm so honoured, proud and most of all HAPPY to be part of Ponyta's BLESS YOUR PURPLE HEART: A Tribute to Prince The Songwriter happening Sunday, June 19th @ 120 Diner, 120 Church St. (at Richmond) in Toronto. Doors: 8pm - Show 9pm. Tickets are going fast so be sure to contact me for yours. 

June 25th, GRACE will playing for a PRIDE PARTY KICKOFF @ The Duke. This one will be extra HOT so be sure to keep the date open and spread the word! Click HERE for month info.

June 27th, I'll be at the Old Nick in Toronto for M Factor. 

And finally, June 30th, I'll be @ 120 Diner for some more PRIDE FUN. Joining me will be Aimee O'Connor and Jean Deeth with guests Carrie Chesnutt (on sax) and Cathy Marchese (on drums). The show'll start at 10pm and it's going to be PACKED! Definitely not one to miss. 

I'll be filling you in with updates as they come, and be sure to check out my tunes on Spotify. 

Peace & Love, 


April Showers Bring May SHOWS!  

Hello hello! 

I'd like to start off by sending a big thank you for your ongoing support and LOVE. April was a month I will never forget with appearances at The Old Nick, 120 Diner, Eton House (with funkin' Grace) and Drums N Flats (with fabulous Stiletto Flats). There was a ton of music to be had, laughter to be shared and audiences I'll never forget. 

Now that we're into May, I wanted to share what's upcoming and hoping to keep the beautiful momentum glowing and flowing. 
  • May 9th - solo set @ The Old Nick Pub for M Factor. Please click HERE for info. 
  • May 10th - Relish Bar & Grill where I'll be joined by Jean Deeth (bass), Aimee O'Connor (guitar), Carrie Chesnutt (sax)  and JJ Sheppard (trumpet). Please click HERE for more info.
Always remember that you can check the shows page for a list of ALL upcoming performances. I'm looking forward to summer and there'll be more to come. Stay tuned!


UP NEXT!!! April 21st, 29th & 30th!  

Hey friends!

I'll be back at the wonderful 120 Diner April 21st! Showtime is 6-8pm, looking forward to another night with friends, great food, music and FUN! 

April 29th, I'll be joining Toronto's one and only Stiletto Flats at Drums N Flats for a night of David Bowie. This is will be a show to remember! 
Click HERE for info.

April 30th, GRACE will be funking things up at Toronto's Eton House! It's going to be one funking amazing night so be sure to blow the dust off of those dancing shoes and get over there! 


(photo: Marni Grossman Photography)

Spring & Summer Are Coming Up And So Is Great Music!  

Hey hey hey!!!  

Spring's around the corner and gigs are ramping up! I'm hoping you're penning dates into your calendars. NEXT UP! I'll be performing at the AMAZING 120 Diner in Toronto (located @ 120 Church St.) Thursday March 17th 6-8pm. 

This'll be a packed house so if you're planning on grabbing a bite with friends at the venue, please be sure to call 416-792-7725 to make your rezzos!!! 

For a list of ALL my shows, please click HERE  

Stay tuned for even more news, and be sure to add your name to my mailing list (on the upper right of this page) to receive updates and other exciting JDW tidbits!

Peace and love, see you soon! 


Things are movin' on UP!!!! 

I'd like to start off by saying that I'm so pleased and honoured to have connected with the folks @ 120 Diner in Toronto. What an AMAZING venue! Stellar staff and the kitchen prepares some of the city's BEST EATS. The best part? I've been offered a monthly residency! I'll be performing there with Aimee O'Connor and Jean Deeth. In June, guests Carrie Chesnutt and Cathy Marchese will be joining us. 

It's so amazing being a part of Toronto's thriving music scene and with spring/summer down the road, F-U-N is simply a guarantee. Thanks to all of you once again for your ongoing support, commitment and LOVE. Seeing you at my gigs gives me the warmest feeling and I'm forever thankful. 

Here's a quick 'at a glance' list of my upcoming performances (you can always go to the shows page to see the list as well to see where I'll be):
  • March 17th @ 120 Diner 6-8pm
  • April 21st @ 120 Diner 6-8pm
  • April 30 @ Eton House w/GRACE
  • May 10th @ Relish
  • May 19th @ 120 Diner
  • June 30th @ 120 Diner 11pm-2am 
I'm currently in songwriting mode and can't wait to share my new material with you.

Peace to all of you and please check in often. If you haven't already, subscribe to my mailing list to get news & updates delivered right to your inbox! 

Janet x 



So far, the year is ROCKIN'! Funkin' bombastic Toronto band GRACE introduced 2016 in fine form at the Eton House and from there, things are rolling along nicely! 

Here's where you can catch me performing in Toronto the next few weeks:
  • Saturday February 6th @ Eton House with GRACE
  • Monday February 8th @ Old Nick Pub 
  • Thursday February 11th @ 120 Diner
The city is thriving with so much talent and AMAZING music, I feel so fortunate to be part of such an amazing, supportive scene! 
Thank you for continuing to come out to my shows, seeing your faces is such a big part of what inspires me to create and share my tunes with you. 

Until next time, have an amazing February! 

Stay connected with me on FACEBOOK & TWITTER! 

Happy New Year And Hello 2016!!! 

Out with 2015 and IN with 2016! Happy New Year everyone, I'm really looking forward to 2016!
2015 was chock full of shows and F-U-N, this year I'm looking at amping all of that up! 

Here's a quick list of where I'll be performing in January and February:
  • January 28th @ Relish Bar
  • February 6th @ the Eton House with GRACE
  • Monday February 8th @ the Old Nick! 
I'm really looking forward to the next couple of months and I hope to see you OUT at one of my shows! 

Peace & Love,